2012 Strobist Modeling Workshop

In case you haven’t picked up on this yet, I like to talk and I like to share. All too often, my friends and family have to poke me in the side to get me to shut up. This “word vomit” stems from a drive I have to pass along my knowledge, the small amount I do have, and to share my experiences with others. Ultimately, it is this passion for the things that I love to do, whether it be photography, web development, music, or home improvement, that led me to teaching.

I remember the first time I knew I wanted to teach; it might be a little cliché, but for me, it was the final scene in Mr. Holland’s Opus. My mother had taken me to see it because of our mutual love of music and Richard Dreyfus and we both fell in love. If I ever need a good cry, this is still one of the movies in my “tear jerker” collection that does it every time. I love the idea that one person can impact so many in the world without fame or celebrity outside of a small group of individuals; that is truly powerful and inspiring to me.

As for photography, those who know me know that I push myself to learn, explore, and reach for every scrap of knowledge and experience I can to build that expertise in my craft and to provide adaptation to my creative vision as I move forward in life. While I will always hesitate to say that I’m good at this thing I do (it’s not my place and there are definitely better photographers than I out there), I think I have grown over the past few years. Okay, Mike, what’s the point of all this rambling? Here it is… these things have pushed me toward diving into doing a few workshops and education sessions when I can.

This year, I wanted to take the Peoria Strobist group, of which I am an administrator, and push it to another level of experience. My friend and fellow admin, Lily, and I came up with a schedule for meetups and, for the first time, two workshops. We wanted these to have small registration fees and would be designed to purposely bring in professional models in the hopes that everyone would learn and be educated from the experience.

So that’s what we did! Back in May, I organized and held the first Peoria Strobist Modeling Workshop and it was a total success! We had about 10 to 12 photographers attend and three professional models who were set up into different “stations” that we rotated every 45 minutes to an hour. I was even able to get Rachel, one of my lovely MUA/stylists, to come do hair and makeup. Everyone had a total blast and learned a lot. The portfolio building alone for both the models and the shooters was worth it.

I have a few other ideas for workshops for this year so stay tuned to the website for those. I also hope to hold another modeling workshop again sometime in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy the following images and the “Behind the Scenes” gallery above!

Final Modeling Workshop Images

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As the host of the modeling workshop, I didn’t have a whole load of time to work with the models myself. However, I was able to step in near the end of some of the shoots to snap a few images. With Amanda, our fitness model, I wanted something a little different from everyone else so I had her sit down on a wood palette. I put my trusty SB600 with a Lumiquest Softbox III (my preferred soft light modifier) on a stand off camera right, dialed in my ambient pretty dark and my flash up to 1/8th power, and captured the two shots above.

In case you’re wondering, Amanda wasn’t sweating; I had the forethought to bring a little spray bottle with me and created a little more of a “fitness” look with a little spritz of water! That’s a fitness photography tip if I ever heard one!

To go along with the fitness theme, I asked Amanda to bring along a couple of dumbbells. I used the same setup as above minus the softbox and turned my camera back wide to capture more of the environment. I worked with Amanda to get the right look on her face: determination, struggle, and a little teeth-gritting.

I knew that Amanda had recently been hitting the gym and focusing on her abs (can you believe she has a 6-month-old at home?) so I wanted to feature those during the modeling workshop.

I went back to my glamour roots and had Amanda sport her stylish sunglasses and black jacket, slightly opened to show her torso. Again, I threw the SB600 with the Lumiquest SB III up on the stand off camera left and had her look right into the light. To finish it off, I asked her for the standard “I’m a female badass” pose… hands on the hips!

The last images of the modeling workshop were taken as everyone was packing up. I asked Nick, our grungy outlaw/lumberjack, to run across the parking lot to a pile of concrete for a few last-minute snaps with his sledgehammer.

Once again, I threw the SB600 up on a stand with the softbox, dialed in my ambient exposure (I wanted moody lighting so I went pretty dark on the environment), and pumped the power on the strobe up to 1/4th. With Nick standing up there on the pile, and me being only 5’3″, I had to push the stand up to the very top of its reach, but we got the shots.

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