All Dressed Up – Progressive Business Group Charity Ball

All Dressed Up

All Dressed Up

One of the many types of photography I love doing, and often get requested for, is nightlife and event photography. Whether it is a special event at a local club or a charity fundraiser, I find myself asked to document the fun going on around.

Over the past few years, I’ve been honored to do a whole variety of different shoots. From shooting Playboy bunnies to Jersey Shore cast members, I’ve done a lot more with my photography than I ever thought I would. For a small town boy, it’s about the closest I will get to real fame and celebrity.

Even though it has been a week or so already since the event, I was honored to be asked by the Progressive Business Group of Peoria to shoot photos at their annual Valentine’s Day Charity Ball. In the past, they have had photographers that specialized in more “Prom/Homecoming” type images, but this year they wanted something a bit different and more “modern.”

They decided to go with a red carpet style of background and shoot. While I was hesitant to shoot on a patterned background that was black and white, it turned out pretty well. The images, as you can see, actually look like they were taken on the red carpet at a famous event. The attendees had a blast, I was able to give away a whole load of business cards (Yay! for networking), and the girlfriend and I got to attend a fancy dinner/charity ball for the low cost of a photo shoot. We even dressed up!

For those that might be interested, these images were shot with a simple two light setup. I used two monolights set at 1/4 power into umbrellas. Each light was on a stand camera right and left, equally spaced and pointed toward the center. I actually had an “X” taped on the ground so my subjects could easily find where they needed to stand. Once I was set up, it only took about two minutes per shot to get everyone situated and click the shutter.

I’ve got to send a special thanks out to my amigo, DJ Real Juicy, of White Folks Get Crunk, who not only deemed me his official photographer, but also helped to set me up with the Progressive Business Group folks. Looking for the best DJ in Peoria for weddings or club gigs? Hit Juice up on his website, featuring some more of my images.

If you are looking for a nightlife or event photographer here in Peoria or anywhere else in Central Illinois, feel free to drop me a line.

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