An Evening with Little Big Town

With the weather warming up, not only is portrait photography season upon us, but so is summertime concert season and, for a music photographer like me, that means double the fun.

About a month ago, I took the girl over to the Peoria Civic Center theatre to see Little Big Town, one of our favorite country bands. The reason I love this band so much, as does Caitlin, I think, is their vocal harmonies.

Just like Fleetwood Mac or The Mamas & The Papas before them, LBT has mastered the use of two female and two male vocalists perfectly. On top of that, they use that powerful, but haunting at times, vocal power and use it to project stories and lyrics that truly resonate with listeners of all types.

As for this particular March evening, the foursome were in rare form. Having recently released their newest album, “Tornado,” they did an amazing job of blending a mix of new material with the classic tunes from their career so far. While most bands focus on mostly the new material, but Little Big Town did a really great job of crafting a set that kept everyone in the crowd, whether familiar with the new stuff or not, on their feet.

For those who are curious, the set kicked off with one of their new rockers, “On Fire Tonight” and ran through their closing number, their first big hit, “Boondocks.” Other highlight songs of the night included “Bones,” “Bring It On Home,” “Pontoon,” “Shut Up Train,” “Can’t Go Back,” “Front Porch Thing,” and “Little White Church.”

And I’ve said it before and I’ll surely say it again down the road – I love shooting in the Peoria Civic Center theatre. As usual, I made sure we had box seats, and for anyone who has the opportunity in a small theatre venue like that with box seats available, check them out.

Not only are they usually cheaper tickets, but they are usually very private with no security/ushers walking around and you have a nice little ledge to use as a makeshift tripod if you needed to. Plus, you are a lot closer to the stage without a whole load of people in the way of your shot. You can’t beat that!

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