Catching Up on Wallpapers

As I mentioned before, I’ve been a bit of a schlep lately when it comes to the blog, but now that my schedule is starting to open back up a little, I’m re-dedicating myself to getting back on this horse. But, before I get to new business, I have to deal with some old business: wallpapers.

It’s been three months since I’ve posted a wallpaper and for that, I apologize. I had every intention of doing the posts, even had the images picked out, cropped, and ready to go, but you know… life happens. So, to make it up to you, I’m giving you the last few months as well as this month and next month’s wallpapers right here, right now!

You know what else happened since the last time I posted a wallpaper? That’s right… Apple went and released a new iPhone and a new iOS, both of which require different sizes for tablet and phone wallpapers. Well, have no fear… I did some looking into my site data for what browsers most of you are using and did some research into common background sizes for new devices (not just Apple, but Samchung and Boogle too) and came up with some new dimensions to provide.

The downloads are even simpler now to grab… just pick your device: PC, phone, or tablet and you are off and running… it’s that easy!

With that being said, please let me know if these wallpapers are working for you or not.With all the devices and sizes out there, plus this new para-can’t-pronounce-it type of background that Apple came up with, I’m throwing these at the wall and hoping they stick so any feedback you can pass my way is appreciated. Thanks and enjoy!

Free Wallpaper Downloads

August 2013 Wallpaper - Peoria Skyline at Night

September 2013 Wallpaper - Weeds Blowing in the Wind

October 2013 Wallpaper - Abstract Black & White

November 2013 Wallpaper - Vietnam Memorial at Night

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