Desktop Background – August 2012



Wow! Can you really believe it’s August already? It feels like summer just got the ball rolling and now we are looking down the barrel of the autumn and winter behind that.

For me, August is about fairs, festivals, sunsets, sunshine, and the anticipation that sweater and bonfire weather is soon on its way. To keep us holding on a little longer to that feeling, here’s a great desktop background for all of you to enjoy.

I snapped this last year during the Balloons in the Park Festival, an annual hot balloon festival with music and… well… you know… hot air balloons. The band I was playing with at the time were the headliners for the Saturday night festivities and I had my camera in the car. I didn’t think I’d have enough light to snap anything worthwhile, but I ended up with a couple of decent shots and this one has quickly grown to be one of my favorites.

Please Note: I’m trusting all of you with these images. They are copyrighted, but I wish they didn’t have to be. With that in mind, please use them for their intended purpose and please don’t “steal” them; stealing is bad. Thanks!

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