Desktop Background – July 2012

Down by the Bay II

Down by the Bay II

When you ask someone what month represents summer to them, I think you’ll find that most would say June, but for me, July defines summer. Between the heat, the humidity, the bright sunshine, the warmth of pool water, sprinklers on the lawn, the hum of an A/C unit running through the night… these are all good things and all things that make me realize how wonderful summertime truly is.

We are now in that month that I enjoy so much and it feels to me like we barely got out of January, but here we are either way. The photo I’ve decided to share with all of you for this month’s desktop background holds a special place in my heart; not only was this taken during a quick after-work photo outing with my good friend, Stacy Hanna, where we spent plenty of time looking for something to shoot and ended up along the Illinois River at sunset, but this was also shot during my Mom’s favorite part of the day.

For those who are unaware, the moment when the sun sets and everything turns a perfect black in silhouette against the fiery sky is called the gloaming and ever since I was a little kid, my Mom has loved this time of the day. For some reason, most likely due to sheer proximity, I’ve also grown to love it; it makes me think of warm July evenings, sitting on the front porch at home, listening to the hum of the cicadas, Mom’s cigarette smoke hanging in the air, sharing and laughing until long after the sunset’s light had seeped out of the night sky.

Now I have my own home and my own porch to sit on and wait patiently for the sun to dip below the horizon and the outline of the trees fade gently into black silhouettes against a fiery sky. With that pleasant thought in your mind, here is this month’s free desktop background. As always, don’t forget I’ve got smartphone and tablet sizes available below as well! Enjoy!

Please Note: I’m trusting all of you with these images. They are copyrighted, but I wish they didn’t have to be. With that in mind, please use them for their intended purpose and please don’t “steal” them; stealing is bad. Thanks!

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