3. About Your Session

> When should I schedule my portrait session?

The ideal time to meet and book your session is about six to eight weeks before your deadline. This ensures that I am able to accommodate your schedule and return the final images to you on time.

Need something a little sooner? Contact me with the details and I’ll see what I can do!

> How many outfits/locations am I allowed during a session?

An average two-hour portrait session takes place at one site with one to two outfits, but it all depends on the type of shoot you are wanting to do, how much time we have, and the budget you are looking at.

This is something we discuss during the pre-shoot consultation.


> How long does the session take?

I always plan on two hours for a typical portrait session. Mini-sessions are an hour or less.

> Will I have to sign anything?

Most professional photographers, myself included, use some simple documents to help protect our clients and ourselves as artists. During the pre-shoot consultation, we will go over the forms and answer any questions you might have about them.

Here’s a quick rundown of the basic forms that I use:

  • Service Agreement – Also known as a contract; outlines the details of your photo session.
  • Model Release – grants me permission to take photographs of you and outlines how I may use those images to promote my business.
  • Copyright Release – needed for CD’s only; grants you permission to use the images for non-commercial purposes including getting prints made.

> What if I have to cancel or the weather is bad?

If you have to cancel, please give 24 hours notice when possible. We will reschedule at no extra cost.

The same holds true if the weather is bad.

> Do you offer makeup or hair styling for portrait sessions?

Working with a professional makeup artist and hair stylist goes a long way toward making your final images as beautiful as you are. As part of your portrait session, a makeup artist/stylist will be on hand on the day of the shoot.