iSad (Apple Logo)I know there are thousands of posts, tweets, and memorials being passed around today, but I had to take a few minutes to add my own thoughts to the void. For me personally, I will always remember sitting on the couch, enjoying an episode of “Modern Family” with the fiancee when she turned to me and said, “Steve Jobs is dead?”

For the average person around the world, the loss of Steve Jobs was just another moment. For the computer geeks around the world, we lost our Pope. While I know some might have an issue with comparing technology with religion, but in this case, I have no problem using the comparison.

While I obviously didn’t know Steve Jobs personally, I won’t lie… I shed some tears in his honor. Why? Simply put, the job that I do every day, the technology that I use, my fascination with computers and digital media, the world as we currently know it… it would not exist without Steve Jobs.

The person that I am, the geek that I love being… Steve is part of the reason. As a musician, I haven’t gone anywhere in the past decade without my iPod, my very first computer, which sparked my fascination and eventually led to earning my bachelor’s degree in Multimedia, was an Apple IIe, and the first and only smartphone that I will use is an iPhone.

So, from one computer geek here on Earth to another one who is surely attending the great LAN party in the sky, Steve… thank you.


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