July 2013 Desktop Background

July 2013 Desktop Background

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I’m getting ahead of the curve this time around by actually posting the desktop background for July during the first week of the month… can you believe it? Not too shabby, if I say so myself. I know I probably say this too much, but the year really is flying by faster than usual. It’s already July and the summer is half over, or it feels like it, at least.

Anyway, let’s chat about the desktop background for a second. I actually have a pretty interesting story to go along with this one, if you can bear with me for a minute. In case you were thinking of just downloading the image without reading the post, let me premise the story by letting you know that in the process of creating this photograph, I ended up with my first major photography injury.

They Call It “Junk”

I captured this image at an old, abandoned, about-to-fall-over style house just up the road from where I live in Washington, Illinois. When I first moved to town, I would take drives through the neighborhood and in the surrounding country to explore the photo locations and opportunities that might be open to me in the community.

That’s how I came upon this old two-story house in the middle of a field. It is surrounded by a field of tall grasses and weeds, not to mention loads of old farm tools and what can only be classified as “junk.” That’s an industry term, if you were curious. Anyway, I finally got up the courage to drive over and explore the house, the fields, and the “junk” during the golden hour one evening last summer.

For a photographer who loves shooting abandoned objects, this place is a dream come true – old trucks, farm equipment, boards, construction materials, steel, iron, rust, etc. Perfect textures for capturing some excellent HDR photographs.

Two Realizations

I had successfully navigated my way through this field of treacherous metals and construction materials and was on my way back to the car when I realized two things at the same time – I was walking on a piece of steel underneath what I thought was long grass and I had just stepped down on the head of a two-inch nail.

Like biting your tongue, stepping on a nail is something you should never experience and happens faster than you know. They are both extremely painful. Since I was alone, I decided to take the opportunity to practice some of my favorite “colorful” words and phrases before taking off my shoe and looking at the damage. Amazingly enough, I didn’t get punctured – just a small scrape, but I definitely made an appointment for a tetanus booster the next day. Better safe than sorry, I guess.

As for the truck, it doesn’t really play a role in the story, but I did snap this photograph during that excursion. I figured it was worth it to share my gross “nail in the foot” war story. Until next time… enjoy the background!

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