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Steve Aoki 3/29/11

Steve Aoki 3/29/11

As the official photographer for White Folks Get Crunk, a music website dedicated to the remix and mash-up genre, run by my good buddy, DJ Real Juicy, I am often asked to tag along for special events and gigs.

This past week, I was honored to come along with Juice as he opened for Steve Aoki (pronounced “eye-oh-kee”). While this may not mean much to most of the population, as it didn’t really for me, you have to understand that Aoki is probably the greatest DJ in the United States and has singlehandedly brought the art of being a DJ to a whole new level that most DJ’s in America aspire to.

For Juice to get an opening gig for Steve Aoki was amazing, to say the least. Add to that the opportunity for me to be onstage with my friend and the great Aoki at the same time was too much to pass up.

While I find myself on a whole range of shoots, I feel that concert and live music photography is probably one of those areas that I truly shine best when I’m shooting. As a musician myself, I spent almost every weekend in college out at some gig, show, or concert doing what I call “career research.” I never realized that it would turn into a double career with playing music and shooting photography of musicians, but it has and I love it.

I could ramble on and on about shooting Steve Aoki, but I’ll let the images do the talking. That’s why you’re here anyway. However, I will say that this was an amazing experience and a completely different style of music and show that I was used to shooting or even experiencing as an audience member. There was so much more energy than a standard rock show with all of the dancing, champagne showers, stage diving, glow sticks, and even an inflatable raft.

I will also say that I am very proud of my friend and former college roommate for actively pursuing a dream that he cultivated over the past decade or so.

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