Portrait Experience – Ivonne

Ivonne as a zombie reaching through a fence

As a client or new model, it can be pretty nerve-racking to pick a professional photographer to work with. How do you know you will get the best price or if he or she has a few screws loose? Most importantly, how do you guarantee that this person will capture the emotions and the moments they’ve been hired to capture?

While I could sit here and tell you all about how I approach my craft and my art, it’s a whole other ball game from your side of the lens. Try as I might, I could never fully describe those thoughts and feelings. That’s why I’ve asked some of my past clients and models to share what it was like to shoot with me and how they felt before, during, and after the portrait session.

Ivonne’s Portrait Experience

I met Ivonne a couple of years ago while I was still into the club scene. We started talking photography and modeling and our friendship grew from there. Not only is she a gorgeous and talented model, who is willing to explore exciting new opportunities, but she is also an up-and-coming photographer herself.

  1. Ivonne standing in brush with a leg up on a stump

    Ivonne (2011)

    How did you feel about the shoot before we met?
    A little nervous. Always am when shooting with a photographer for the first time.
  2. What made you want to do a portrait session with me?
    I really love your work and your creativity with pictures. Even before talking with you about a session, I could tell how passionate you are about photography. You don’t just take a picture for picture’s sake; you capture a moment, a feeling, and a unique view-point.
  3. What was the session like?
    It was fun and relaxed. You didn’t mind me asking a ton of questions and really explained all the different techniques and angles I asked about.
  4. How did you feel when you saw the final images?
    I LOVED the final images. You did a fantastic job of capturing the moment.
  5. Would you do another portrait session with me?
    Yes, I plan to do several
  6. Would you recommend me to friends and family?
    Yes, I would and already have.