Project 52

Waiting for Spring

Waiting for Spring

With the new year well underway, I figure it’s about time I got started on my new set of photography resolutions. I’ve purposely put a theme to the past year’s resolutions to help pull them all together. 2010 was the year of portfolio building and setting up my portrait business while 2011 was my year to focus on selling fine art and explore the world of fine art fairs and markets.

2012 is my year to explore my craft and my vision. Actually, “explore” is a little too generic; “focus” would be a better term. I’ve spent the past few years getting my name out into the local arts community and I’ve done a lot of pro bono work portfolio building so it’s about time that I really take my vision and stretch it out a bit. I have a better understanding today than I did five years ago of exactly what sort of vision that is, but I’ve tasked myself with taking the vision and using it to drive my own personal projects, concepts, and ideas.

It seemed like serendipity when my good friend, Lily, decided to undertake Don Giannatti’s Project 52 a few weeks ago. With my resolution in mind, I took the plunge as well.

What is Project 52?



The idea behind Project 52 is not only to make better photographers out of all of us who are participating, but to stretch our skills in the commercial market. Don plays art director and provides us with an assignment every week.

Each assignment is due every two weeks so you are always concepting one assignment while shooting another. Then, every week Don does a live audio/video chat critique and goes through the set of photos posted and gives his thoughts on each. It’s a pretty sweet deal all around.

The part that I enjoy, and I feel will really help push my images above and beyond where there are now, is that Don sets down rules for each assignment as if he were a real-world art director. Assignments include everything from portraits to product shots to action images and we are often constrained by size, image orientation, and requirements of what the “clients” are looking for.

Here We Go

We are quickly approaching March and I just turned in my fifth assignment. I plan on shooting my sixth (theme: chocolate!) this week and we have already received the assignments for seven and eight. It’s a fast-paced project and I never thought I’d have to do homework again after college, but I feel like I do with this one. Like my mother always said, “Do your homework first, then you can go play.” With Project 52, I get a bit of both.

Stay Updated

Want to see how the project is going for me? I have a special set on Flickr for this project.

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