Resolutions: 2012

Rocky Shore

Rocky Shore

I feel weird saying this with only two days left in the year, but… it’s that time of year again. This is the time when the gyms start to get hounded with new members looking to burn off all those holiday calories and we all start making resolutions that we pretend to keep until spring.

For me, I don’t make personal resolutions every year; I make them as I go along throughout the year as I need to. As for my photography, though, for some reason I find it worthwhile to come up with a short list of things I want to do or goals I want to strive for in the coming year. It helps to have a road map (do they still have those?) to where I am going or at least where I want to go.

So, just like last year, here are my photography resolutions for 2012.

  • Shoot Less, Shoot Better
    You might wonder why I have this resolution carrying over from 2011. Well, to be honest, it still applies. While I do feel that my photographic vision has become more and more focused, I think that every photographer can always learn to be better, myself included. Now, what does this resolution really mean? Simply put, it means to take my time, plan out my shots and concepts, and verifying what I see in the frame before I snap the shutter. This allows for better compositions out of the camera and less time in the editing bay.
  • Keep It Personal
    This is partly carried over from last year’s resolutions as well. I spent most of 2011 working on client or model projects while developing a whole list of concepts and ideas that I want to shoot for personal development. With that in mind, I want to take 2012 and really work on these ideas and concepts.
  • Build a Client & Fan Base
    While I base most of my resolutions on the technical side of photography, as a professional, I also understand that marketing and clients are the key to real success, both in fine art and portraiture. I spent 2010 building my portrait business and 2011 on exploring the fine art side of things; 2012 will be my year to push both of them to a new level with the help of a solid base of fans and clients. Now that you know that, I am counting on all of you to spread the word. Through the use of this blog and my monthly email newsletter as well as the power of social media via Facebook and Twitter, I plan on providing loads of fun, interesting, and valuable content to all my friends and fans.
  • Travel
    This is a pretty simple one. It has been years since I’ve actually taken a vacation where I wasn’t doing something for work, a wedding, funeral, or some other obligation. This year, I would like to travel a bit more, even if it is only around Illinois and the Midwest. I would also like to explore places locally I’ve never been. And, as always, my trusty camera will be in tow.
  • Experiment
    Along with a list of personal concepts, projects, and ideas, I have gathered a series of different photographic “experiments” that I would like to try. While I spent the first few years of my photographic “life” shooting everything and anything I could, I’ve come to realize that there is a whole other level of things to shoot. Some of the highlights I hope to hit is playing around with some low light/night images, light painting, extreme exposures (slow and ultra fast shutter speeds), and some fun flash/Strobist techniques.

Well, kids, I spent hours coming up with a range of resolutions I wanted to put together and realized I should make it short and sweet, not to mention obtainable over a year. There they are in all their glory.

Now, you tell me, what sort of resolutions, personal or professional, are you setting for yourself in 2012?

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