Sam & Nick – Wedding Photography

There’s nothing like the view from the middle of something; while most folks might say it’s better to see things from one side or another, being in the middle adds a perspective few truly treasure the way I have. In my family, I sit right smack in the middle of my cousins; I’m the eldest on my mom’s side and the youngest on my dad’s.

As an only child, I often looked to my cousins as my brothers and sisters, especially on my mom’s side. There’s an obligation or unwritten responsibility for someone who is the eldest to “lead” and guide the rest of the group, and with my cousins, this is no different, even to this day. I’ve always looked at the cousins on my mom’s side as my little brothers and sisters. And, growing up, every leader needed a trusted sidekick and that was Samantha, the eldest cousin behind me. As Forrest Gump might say, “we was like peas and carrots” growing up.

I’ve watched Sam struggle with a number of issues to find herself and her place in this world over the past decade and she has overcome a lot to finally get to a place where she wanted. One of the main reasons for this was a boy named Nick, who she met a few years back. He has not only been an amazing companion and a loving partner to Sam, but they strive to make sure each one betters the others life every single day, and that’s something truly magical.

So, when she told me they were getting married, and asked if I would be their photographer, I jumped at the chance. They got married back in August of this year on a gorgeous sunny day in eastern Ohio. I was glad to make the trek out to see my family and enjoy this blessed day with them. The ceremony was held at a local botanical gardens, which was beautiful, and then the reception was a low-key casual cookout style at a local park pavilion… just right for these two.

So, here are 25 of my favorite images from the day… let me know what you think in the comments below!

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