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The Other Side of the Lens (My Modeling Experience)

Doctor for a Day

Doctor for a Day

I have a local photographer friend who has been shooting a lot of stock library images as of late. The company that he is “working” for sends him these sheets of random images based around a theme like “Eating Pizza” or “Watching Television” including a list of associated images they want produced with descriptions like “small family of four (4), wearing football jerseys of their favorite teams, watching Sunday football.”

With such a wide range of photos to shoot on a variety of themes on a regular basis, my friend reaches out to his social networks to ask for locations, props, and especially, models. I am always curious what he is up to when I see Facebook posts in my News Feed that say something like “In need of a 50’s diner and a small 8-year-old child” or “Anyone have a dog that can jump through a flaming hoop?”

I’m joking, of course… kind of… but he does ask for some random items at times. Last week, however, he was looking for a model to play doctor for a few images and I volunteered. I find that, as a photographer, it is very beneficial to have experience on both sides of the lens. How am I, as a portrait photographer, supposed to help a model or client pose properly or overcome nervousness in front of the camera if I am unable to put myself in their shoes?

So, I spend as much time as I can spare in front of the camera, helping out fellow photographers and gaining some real experience in modeling myself. A special thanks goes out to my friend and fellow photographer, Travis Baillie, for passing me one of the “rough cut” images to show all of you. Please be nice to Travis and not steal his image off my site; it is copyrighted and he’s got one heck of a temper… really…

What do you think? Am I ready for People’s Sexiest Man of the Year?