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Off the Walls with Pet Portraits

It’s been a long while since I’ve done some solid blogging and I apologize to my fans and readers. I’m going to ease back into the routine of this thing slowly so let’s kick it off with some pet portrait wall art!

The following photo was sent to me by one of my clients from last year who had asked me for a pet portrait session at the local dog park with her two beautiful, playful Labradors. I always love to see how clients take my art and present it in fun and unique ways on their own walls at home.

Three framed pet portraits hanging on a client's wall

Are you a past portrait client or have an original Michael Vujovich print in your home? I’d love to see what you did with it! Share it in the comments below or send me an email!

A Little Bit of Wall Art

Good Monday morning! It’s a stormy one here in ole Peoria; I’m glad I got my lawn mowed yesterday, that’s for sure. I know we are all getting back into the swing of things on a Monday so I won’t take up too much of your time, but I wanted to share some exciting stories from a couple of recent clients.

On a Wall in Morton, Illinois

During the Washington Fine Art Fair back in September, I was approached by a client on Sunday morning. She had a couple of kids in tow and was in a bit of a rush, as one can imagine. Her name was April and she was interested in a few of my more rural landscape shots. She and her husband were farmers, loved the country and farming, and April had a multiple window frame for five 5″x7″ images. While I normally don’t crop to a 5″x7″, we chatted and I was able to get her some shots for the frame to complete this beautiful piece of wall art.

Framed Photography Wall Art

For those looking to do something unique and artsy with their walls, a multiple window mat and frame is a great way to spice up the scenery inside. If you’re interested, just drop me a line; I have a number of local vendors that I work with to create beautiful wall art and framings!

Here’s Looking At You… Galena, Illinois

Set of framed images arranged on a wall

Hall – Wall Hanging

Another one of my faithful, repeat clients has been working on redesigning and remodeling a house in Galena.

Her name is Pam and she loves including some black and white and split tone images from my collection to put on the walls in the new home she hopes to sell after the redesign. As I am always curious about how and where my art is used, Pam snapped this image with her iPad and passed it along.

The images on the top and left are both mine. While “Artemis” isn’t usually available in black and white, Pam made a special request and I always aim to please so we got it put together. It came out quite nice, don’t you think?

This is another type of grouping I love to see in homes as well: multiple images in frames or even as canvas gallery wraps grouped together by theme or color. Again, have an interest in some interior design and wall art? Let me know! I have a whole load of galleries and frame-smiths that I work with to offer clients specialized interior design services.