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June 2013 Desktop Background

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I guess it’s better late than never to get out the desktop background for this month. It’s funny how you can add an item to your daily or weekly “to do” list, and the next thing you know, that item has moved to the bottom of the list and keeps getting pushed back to the next day or the next week until you feel like you are the cat chasing a laser pointer – every time you reach out with your motivated, productive paw, something moves that little dot just out of your reach. Such is the way with the ebb and flow of blogging.

With that in mind, I’m re-dedicating myself to getting out at least one blog post per week again so bear with me and we’ll get that damn laser pointer caught, even if I have to chop off my tail to do it.

So without further adieu, here is the featured desktop background for you to download and enjoy on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

About the Image

Water Lily Bloom in Water Garden (June 2013 Desktop Background)

June 2013 Desktop Background

What would a monthly desktop background be without an amazing story to go with it? One that includes an unsung hero, a beautiful woman with a small pistol strapped to her leg, and how they come together to not only save the world, but the fate of fine art photography itself?

You’ll have to go somewhere else for a story like that. The story behind this image probably won’t keep you on the edge of any seat you are on, but you’d be amazed to find that the greatest images in the world weren’t always taken with amazing stories behind them; great images are made by those with the vision and passion to pursue that elusive “perfect shot” that is always just out of reach.

On my way along the path to find the “perfect” photograph, I stumbled upon this shot. I was at a local water garden actually with the Peoria Flickr group for one of our monthly photowalks. My good friend, Lily, who is doing some amazing work with lighting and compositing, invited us out to a rural water garden just down the road from her house.

As most of you know, I’m not much for capturing nature, but it’s important for every artist to push their boundaries and spend some time in those areas they don’t necessarily find inspiration from and look for ways to “draw out” that inspiration in any way they can; it makes for a better, well-rounded photographer with a stronger vision. So, that’s what I did. And this photograph was one of the first ones I captured. I think it speaks for itself.