Tuesday Viewsday: Black & White Winter

It’s finally happened… the temperature has dropped to the mid to low thirties and the bone chilling wind that likes to gust and whip at your extremities has started blowing. This can only mean one thing: winter is finally here. While we may not have snow on the ground here in Illinois, make no mistake that the time for wool caps and socks is upon us.

Waiting for Spring (2012)

Waiting for Spring (2012)

As we wait patiently for the first flurries to drop from above, it’s always good to take this time to catch up on the year’s projects and to reflect on where we’ve been and where we are going. As always, I’ll do my annual reflections and resolutions postings sometime in the near future, but I hope that you take a few moments of quiet time over the next few weeks and reflect on your lives, the people around you, your relationships, both old and new, and anything else that has caused an impact in your world over the last year.

And, since we are looking back, I wanted to share this photograph with you. I snapped this black and white image at the beginning of this year shortly after moving into my new home. For me, this year was marked with a whole load of new experiences and projects to keep me busy, but nothing was more instrumental in the effect on my life than purchasing my first home with the girl.

This image was captured as part of my Project 52 series, which, like most of my time-based projects over the past few years, quickly got derailed and I never returned to it. In the past, realizing this derailment would upset me, but I realized that this year was about setting priorities and, for me, Project 52 quickly took a back seat to remodeling my home, building a garden, landscaping, pursuing my Master’s degree, traveling, and teaching.

The assignment that was given for this piece of the project was to photograph something around your home that demonstrated a personal “vision” statement that you also had to generate. For me, this image is about the untold story. When Caitlin and I moved into our new home, we saw this old bird bath pedestal and concrete tire with a pole sticking out of it in the yard. We still have no idea what these were used for, but I suspect the pole was for tying up a dog.

Vision Statement
Every moment, past or present, has a story. Whether that story is clearly defined or written “between the lines,” I capture the moments that bring those stories to life.

For those who know me and my photography, you know I’m drawn to “leftovers” – items that used to be a vital part of our daily lives and then were just left alone without anyone ever returning. To me, these two items, being so close in proximity to me and representing a new chapter in my life, are also “leftovers” so I had to capture them.

And, nothing says winter like white so a black and white treatment went a long way toward making this image come to life.

So what do you think? Do you like it? Hate it? Does it tie in with my vision statement? Let me know in the comments below!

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