Tuesday Viewsday I

With my mind full of resolutions for the new year, I’ve decided to bring back a segment of posts that I started a few years ago when I had a personal blog running. Forgive me for the name… it’s pretty corny, I know.

With all the questions that I get asked about my photography, the one I hear most often is “How did you shoot that?”. Well, my hope for this segment is to help answer that question one image at a time on a weekly basis, every Tuesday!

So, without further adieu, here’s the very first Tuesday Viewsday. Enjoy!

A Cue in Time

A Cue in Time

A Cue in Time

Since this is the start of a new year, I figured it would be best to take a look back in the archives at some images from the past to see how I got to where I am now. This shot, “A Cue in Time,” was one of the first fine art images I ever shot and the first I uploaded to my Flickr account.

I shot this back in 2005 on my first digital camera, a small FujiFilm Finepix A350 point-and-shoot, back before I even knew what digital photography really was. It would be almost a year and a half later, during my junior year of college, that I would learn how to use a dSLR, a Canon Rebel. But, Mike, don’t you shoot Nikon? Ummm…. yes. All I can say is not everyone can be perfect! (Just kidding, Canon folks, you guys are pretty cool too!)

But, I digress. I took this photo in my hometown of Petersburg, Illinois, a rural farming community that remains a place of quiet solace for me to get away to from time to time. Until a few years ago, there was a hometown bar and restaurant along the square in town that my buddies and I used to go to so we could shoot pool and listen to music on a Saturday night.

At the time, I didn’t really know the capabilities of Photoshop and inadvertently stumbled across the color replacement tool. Set that puppy to black and created my first selective color image. When I think back on it, I had no clue what I was doing between the shooting and the editing, but somehow, this image remains one of my favorites.

I guess we all need a foundation to start building something great.

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