Tuesday Viewsday IV

Here we are again… another week down. We are almost to the end of January already and I barely remember New Year coming and going. Sheesh!

The weather continues to be bipolar in nature – one day in the 50’s followed by a day in the teens with snow. As for me, I’ve been chugging along with the remodeling at my new house. I put the final touches on the new bathroom this evening and then it’s on to the living room where I’ll be [hopefully] conquering my first hardwood floor. We’ll see how that goes.

For this week’s image, I decided to go with something to tie in with the weather we’ve had.

Out the Back Door

Out the Back Door

Out the Back Door

I shot this photo back in 2008 during my first year working at my new job. As I was leaving one night, I noticed the way the air was a very purple/blue tint with the coming snow storm we were about to have. I walked to the edge of the loading dock behind the office where I work and saw the glow of the orange lights from our parking deck.

With the contrast of the purple and the orange, I had to snap a shot. I pulled my camera from the bag, put on the 18-55mm kit lens I had at the time, and snapped a few images. I am truly amazed this shot came out as clear as it did being a hand-held photograph. When I got home and loaded up the image, I was pleasantly surprised at what I had. In case you were wondering, this image has very little post-processing edits; I think I boosted the Saturation just a bit to make the entire thing more vibrant.

I shot this image shortly after starting down the path of a professional career in photography and it was one of the first images where I remember actually seeing a landscape and wanting to capture it with my camera as it looked to me exactly. It was also one of the first images I remember taking my time to line up the shot, check the composition, and truly CREATE the image.

What I love about this image is the colors, of course, but also the composition. The leading lines in this image are really great; the walkway on the right, the hillside sloping from foreground to background, and the parking deck levels flowing from left to right all point toward the central focus of the elevator shaft. I also love the silhouette of the tree on the right side and the slight haze that the falling snow caused around the globes of the sulfur lights.

All in all, this image is truly “winter” to me.

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