Tuesday Viewsday IX

My sincere apologies to all of you who were sitting by your computers in anticipation of yesterday’s Tuesday Viewsday that never came. Things got so busy over the past few days at work and with personal projects at home that I’ve neglected my duties and had to prioritize some things.

But, have no fear… I’m back, and it’s only one day behind. So, without further adieu…

Stealing Kisses

To be honest, I didn’t have an official title for this image until I started writing this post, but the name of one of my favorite Lori McKenna tunes, of who I’ve been lucky enough to photograph in concert as well, seemed to fit quite nicely.

Stealing Kisses (Callie & Harold 2010)

Stealing Kisses

One of my favorite types of portraits to shoot are engagement sessions and the session that created this image was no different. This is Callie & Harold. They married in the fall of 2011 (stay tuned for a post on their wedding day photos soon). I’ve known Callie since I was in high school and she was, and still remains, one of my very best friends. She is a very sweet girl and rarely lives without a huge smile on her face.

When we both went off to college (she is a couple of years younger than I), we stayed in touch and one afternoon, she revealed to me that she was dating Harold. Since I feel Callie is the little sister I never had, I started grilling her, but she said she was happy and he treated her well so I was satisfied.

It took six years and an engagement photo shoot for us to meet, but I liked Harold instantly (even if I did remind him that if he hurt my “little sister,” there might be one less pharmacist in the world… just kidding… kind of). They are a great couple and I was more than happy to capture their young love through the frame.

As a portrait photographer, I make it my goal to capture moments and relationships as pure and raw as they can be; I find that the more you “set up” the shot, the farther away your subject gets from being themselves. With this session, I gave the two very little direction, just some poking and prodding here and there, and they quickly fell into a comfortable routine, which was great for me as I simply can’t stand engagement portraits that look forced. When you make a couple pose or act in a way that they would never, it always, always, always shows in the final images.

We shot these images around our hometown of Petersburg, Illinois among the cornfields and older, rustic buildings downtown. While it’s hard to choose, this image is my favorite as the kiss is so sweet with Harold leaning down to kiss Callie and her being lifted slightly. I was inspired by the famous “sailor returning home” kissing image and went with a vintage treatment, which works nicely here.

So what are your thoughts on this image? Enjoy it? Hate it? Why or why not?

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