Tuesday Viewsday XII

Hello all! I’m getting super excited for… wait… what’s that you say? I forgot last week’s Tuesday Viewsday? You’re right! My apologies as I’ve been crazy busy the past few weeks getting ready for my little jaunt to our nation’s capital this week. But, have no fear, I will bless you with two images this week to make up for it… how’s that? Good.

Like I was saying, I’m getting super excited to head to Washington, DC with my good buddy, Dave Vernon, this week. We fly out early (and I mean, EARLY) on Thursday morning and arrive in DC around noon, eastern time. Our plan is to drop our stuff off at the condo we are renting, maybe grab some chow, and then hit the streets of the capital to start shooting. We will shoot Thursday afternoon and night as well as all day Friday. We are even going to try to hit Arlington at sunrise to catch the fog/mist.

Then on Saturday, the festivities known as Photoshop World begins. We are talking the peak of the geek mountain for photographers and designers and Dave and I will be in the heart of it all. 12 hours a day or more of non-stop Photoshop, photography, lighting, and designing goodness for three whole days… awesome! I want to use this time to focus on my vision and just relaxing, learning, and shooting. With that in mind, the laptop is staying home so I don’t plan on posting much from PSW.

If you do want to follow along with our shenanigans, follow my Twitter feed as I will surely be posting there from my phone regulary.

Anyway, on with the show…

Two for the Price of One

401 Redux

401 Redux

Since I want to show off two images this week, I thought we should go with a theme so here are two photos I took during Scott Kelby’s Annual Worldwide Photowalk. The idea behind the photowalk is that photographers from all over the world join together in small groups and shoot for two hours in a location.

Within a week of the walk, you can send your single best image to the group leader from your walk and they choose 10 finalist images, of which, one “best of show” is sent on to the main competition, judged by Scott Kelby himself. The prizes are pretty sweet and the idea that thousands of photographers are shooting at the same date and time as you is pretty intense as well.

Both images shown here were my entries both years and I’m proud to say that I made the 10 finalists, but sadly, not the best of show. Either way, I love this attending this event every year.

The first year (2010) that I attended, the group walked along the riverfront and downtown Peoria. While this is an area that every Peoria photographer has shot to death, it was fascinating to see how we all look at the same subject, and through our own vision, were able to create new views of the same old stuff.

At the time, I was very big into lomo processing in Photoshop and the image you see, entitled “401 Redux,” was treated with that process to give it that grungy, poppy look. I took this photo while laying on the grass looking up at a luxury apartment building, 401 Water Street. I think the unique processing, the colors, the contrast, and the composition all add to this image.



The second image, entitled “Dry,” was taken during this last year’s photowalk (2011). Our location was Wildlife Prairie Park, a local state park just west of Peoria. Again, this location has been a favorite of local photographers, and with a more natural environment, complete with wolves and buffalo, it was a bit out of my normal range.

I decided to make the best of it, knowing that at any place in the world, there are at least 10 great images to be made within 10 feet of where you are standing.

Since I’m not really a nature or wildlife photographer, I decided to focus on the collision of nature with human “urbanity” (yes, I made it up). While there aren’t many natural elements in this image, I think the grungy treatment really brings the texture out in this image. I also think that the split tone treatment here allows you to focus on the lines and textures and not the color as a driving force.

So what do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts and critiques of these shots.

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