Tuesday Viewsday XXI

A quick little note before we dive in… yes, it’s Thursday, but I promise I wrote this on Tuesday and it was scheduled to publish and there was some fluke in WordPress that caused me to miss the deadline by two days! Whoops! Either way, here’s Tuesday’s post… enjoy!

Phew… what a whirlwind day! It’s already 10 p.m. and it feels like I’m just starting my day! Tuesday isn’t quite over yet so I feel I owe it to all you faithful readers and subscribers to provide a quick image and a story for Viewsday. This past weekend was a load of fun; between Artists on the Boardwalk on Friday evening and the Rhapsody in Bloom Festival on Saturday and Sunday, I saw a lot of folks, talked a lot of photography, and even sold some prints! A special thanks to everyone who stopped out; it was great seeing new and old faces alike!

Lisa & Billy (2010)

Lisa (2010)

During the art festival this weekend, I was able to get a load of new blog posts written up including some new book reviews and Photoshop tutorials. I’m excited to share them with all of you so stay tuned to the site over the next couple of weeks for those. Whether it was the wedding photography book review I wrote or my endeavor to start looking at wedding photographers for my own wedding, but I’m in a wedding photo mood so today’s image was taken… well… at a wedding, of course!

I took this shot during the first wedding I ever covered so it holds a special place in my memory. Lisa and Billy found me through my good friend, DJ Real Juicy, who’s parents were good friends of the couple. When they decided to tie the knot, they wanted someone who wasn’t big time yet to cover their ceremony and do a few bridal party photos. Since I had no experience yet with shooting weddings, I decided to take on this low-key event.

On the day, I met the bridal party at a local pub and we headed up to Grandview Drive, one of the most scenic vistas in Peoria, and I spent some time with the bridal party and the family members snapping portraits before we made our way to the church in Creve Coeur across the river. I didn’t realize that there was no definitive plan to the ceremony until we got to the church, but I went with the flow of things and tried to be all places at once. In hindsight, I think I was pretty successful and the couple was happy with the outcome.

The shot I featured here is easily my favorite capture of the bride. While we were waiting for the attendees to take their seats, Lisa was in a small side hallway off the lobby of the church. This small hallway had a tiny stairway and a small stained glass window. When I saw the way the light was falling into the corridor, I asked Lisa to take a seat and reflect on what was about to happen. I waited a few moments for things to sink in and the moment to go from planned to candid, which can happen in the blink of an eye, and snapped away.

I only had enough time to grab two images before Lisa was on deck to take the big walk. I took my spot along the center aisle and the ceremony played out the way it normally does; with me scrambling around like a chicken without its head on correctly and everyone smiling and crying in celebration.

I’ll leave it to another post to talk about why I do very few weddings, but let’s just say that the chicken thing ain’t my cup of tea; I’m a portrait guy. In the case of this beautiful shot of Lisa, I was able to combine my passion for portraiture with the most beautiful event in a woman’s life.

Hope you enjoyed… until next time…

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